What I Offer

I offer the opportunity to face the root of what’s holding you back through unconditional support, knowledge, and guidance. Through my 12-week Confidence Coaching Course, you could boost your self-esteem past what you ever thought possible and explode into the confident, radiant person you want to be!

Ask About Jackie’s Wheel of Confidence methodology [FREE GUIDE]

LEVEL ONE: Get Up, Get Dressed and Get Moving/Lead with Confidence Packets – $27

LEVEL TWO: Built for You Program and Do-It-Yourself Program Videos – $97

LEVEL THREE: 360 Confidence Total Makeover $997

LEVEL FOUR: 1:1 Personal Coaching and Business Branding

LEVEL FIVE: Elite In-person Package


Other ways to work with me include: Leadership speaking and consulting; Wheel of Confidence Methodology to show up and lead with CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION; and Five Key Pillars for Building Your Bridge to Self Love!


8 Modules For Success

Jam-packed modules with life-changing insight into the art and science of beauty, as well as exercises in wellness, meditation, identity, positivity, mindfulness, dressing for your body, individual makeup recommendations and face charts, and more!


5 Elements of Confidence

Our signature Wheel of Confidence method can transform the way you see yourself. It forces you to look below the surface and get to know the real you so you can replenish your self-esteem bank and re-discover your true purpose. Happiness, here you come!


12 Virtual Weeks

The virtual program allows you to work flexibly throughout the week while also keeping you on track with your confidence and life goals. The next 3 months could fly by – why not build in time for you to feel you absolute best now? You can thank yourself later.


1 You

We tailor our comprehensive courses within our proven steps to success, to meet you where you’re at and get you where you want to be. Think: a mix of 1:1 sessions, videos, writing exercises and more so you can soak it all in and build sustainable self-love. 

See how Jackie can help...

Sometimes, women hit a certain age and feel like their time is over. Here’s a secret: it’s not true. Maybe you spent a lot of life taking care of those around you, or maybe you are simply taking stock of what you really want. No matter your case, Jackie’s confidence coaching can help you jump into this new chapter with a confident, strong foundation so you can impact the world in a big way. Your time is now!

Discover the female entrepreneur secret weapon to unlocking your passion and power, so you can show up with confidence in every area of business and life.  One of Jackie’s specialties is aiding professional women in their branding and speaking skills so they can go out in their industry as confident, powerful leaders. Learn how to stand with confidence, define your niche, and dazzle your customers. Let’s light your spark so everyone sees just how bright you can shine!  

 Moms and Grandmoms have so much love to give and so much strength to pass around. Jackie is both of these! Our team can help you harness your strength and nurture your light, so it can burn bright and you can keep your cup full while supporting your people. Confidence coaching is just a jumpstart in your wonderful new journey of recognizing your individual passion and purpose.

What’s better than an individualized 3-month program focused on your wife, fiance, girlfriend or significant other? Nothing. The happiest, healthiest version of your partner is the best gift you could ever give them, and they will most likely be forever grateful to you for the opportunity to invest in their self-worth and self-love. We have payment plans and options available to make it as easy as possible to gift our program.

Unapologetic confidence is the gift that keeps on giving! 

You have all the passion in the world, but you just need a little help focusing it. Maybe you are looking for a spiritual boost. Maybe you need some professional image direction.  Maybe you want some support and a community so you can leave a legacy you are proud of. The 360 Confidence Total Makeover team is here for you!

It's time to put yourself first!

Welcome to the NEW YOU!
Welcome, friend!

Let’s take a leap into the future: you are unstoppable. Your confidence level has skyrocketed, and you are seeing yourself in a new light. You know have the ability to tackle challenges and learn new things with grace. You believe in yourself and you know anything is possible. You have unleashed the goddess in you. You are vibrant, radiant and your light shines bright. You're crystal clear on your purpose and what it is that lifts you up. You have a mindset that helps you thrive, instead of holding you back. Your brand image is so uniquely beautiful; you love looking in the mirror. You are proud of who you have become.

You know what looks best on you and enjoy getting dressed in the morning. You are loving that new black dress and you feel strong and powerful however you decide to present yourself. You are on that vacation of a lifetime and it feels so wonderful, your finances are in line, and you don’t feel guilty for having nice things in life. You are steady and stable and brilliant. What really inspires you is the way you are able to give back and how you make others feel. You have transformed your life in a complete 360 degrees, and you are beautiful inside and out.

Congratulations, you did it!

Just by joining our program, you took the first step that proves you are ready to look and feel beautiful inside and out. You are ready to change your life and positively impact others around you. I’m so excited that you have decided to take this journey with us. We would like to congratulate you on believing in yourself and having the courage and faith to succeed. We know this was a big decision to make!

Our personalized, motivational three-month training course is designed for you. We are here with you every step of the way. You are on your way to leaving a legacy by making an impact and changing lives simply by loving yourself. We are ready to help brand you with beauty, fashion, wellness, and inspiration so you can take yourself and your business to the next level. We are excited to help you look and feel your absolute best. ARE YOU READY to become unstoppable? Let’s get started. 

Live your dreams!
xoxo Jackie