About Jackie

Jackie is an award-winning, confidence-boosting, female-empowering icon who has been revolutionizing the beauty industry for over 37 years. She is a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a successful entrepreneur, a beauty and confidence expert, and a life coach. She is educated and passionate about teaching sustainable strategies for self-love at any age!

Jacqueline Capatolla a successful entrepreneur

One Foot Forward

Jackie has spent her whole life working in the beauty industry. At 16, she got her first job as a shampoo girl in a downtown Pittsburgh Salon.  She rose through the ranks, learning everything she could and educating other stylists to spread the joy she felt for makeup, hair, self-confidence and beauty. Then, Jackie became an entrepreneur: she opened her own salon in Pittsburgh, established her brand and dedicated herself to perfecting her craft. Now, Jackie is pulling her resources and knowledge from 35+ years in the industry to bring a virtual, revolutionary confidence program to women everywhere.

Behind The Chair Is A Powerful Place

As a stylist in her salon, Jackie loved helping her clients with their image and understanding how to look their best. But she also saw how the happiness an external makeover brought her clients was fleeting… without strategies to hold them accountable, her clients fell back into the same patterns that caused their doubt in the first place. Jackie has always said “Behind the chair is a powerful place!” because of the way she could help her clients through problems and how much they opened up to her when she was doing their hair or makeup. So, Jackie had a brainstorm: what if she created a program that helped her clients feel beautiful inside first, and then outside — all the time, not just after a visit to the salon?

Jacqueline's House of Beauty Salon & Spa
Jacqueline Capatolla

Total Transformation

Hence: Jackie’s 360 Confidence Total Makeover Course was born! This comprehensive 12-week course grants you access to experts in beauty, fashion, wellness, inspiration, health and identity. Jackie will personally cheer you on and guide you every step of the way and you will get the support you deserve through our 360 Confidence online community, so you can spend more time feeling like the authentic, beautiful goddess you are meant to be! You will leave with an exciting new image and a renewed sense of inner strength. You will discover your essence and purpose, learn strategies for centering yourself, and feel beautiful inside and out. What are you waiting for? Don’t feel less than you are any longer.

You come in one way and leave transformed into this beautiful person who really lives inside each of us, but it takes a Special Team to bring out all those qualities. That is the experience I have gained by being a part of and watching so many beautiful people feeling their confidence inside and out!
Wanda Peake
The Inside Out program completely changed how I see myself and talk to myself. It is a carefully curated program personalized to each individual, and I see such a difference with my mindset, closet, makeup, and more. I have confidence and a new glow thanks to Jackie!

Janine Adler

Don't wait any longer to love yourself.