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Meet Jackie

Jacqueline Capatolla, the founder of the Wheel of Confidence method with over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry, brings you a revolutionary confidence experience! 

Jacqueline Capatolla spent 35+ years behind the chair. She started her own salon, styled runway models and magazine shoots, and educated young dreamers in the industry. Jackie saw a huge gap between how the industry approaches beauty on the outside and the inside. She made it her mission to discover the tools needed to create sustainable self-esteem strategies, so her clients could embrace self-love and strength in their everyday lives. Jackie now provides confidence coaching course to thousands of powerful purpose-driven women over 40 through a virtual 3-month program. What could you unleash?

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The 360 Confidence Total Makeover Program


Eager to boost your confidence? The first of its kind, our personalized 360 Confidence Total Makeover program will inspire you to look and feel your absolute best, no matter where you are in your self-love journey. We give you a bunch of support and proven strategies to see real results in personal branding, positive self-talk, physical health and more. Don’t waste another minute feeling less than you are. Our head-to-toe and soul-to-surface transformation could change your life!

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360 Confidence Total Makeover Program (Virtual)

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"This program has taught me to love myself again!"

"I have renewed confidence and a new glow thanks to Jackie!"

"The 360 Confidence Makeover was the best gift I ever got my wife. It gave her some much-deserved time for herself and now I can tell she feels like the incredible and unique woman I see every day."

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